COUNT book trailer

The zero mile marker next to the Kyiv General Post Office in the city center was the physical center of the Revolution of Dignity (Euromaidan Revolution 2014).

I thought it best to capture the moment when the curtain of flames from field kitchen stoves and flaming ceased to burn; when soot covered the land and tent shelters were rolled up and packed away; when the songs of inspiration and screams of pain became quiet; when the bullets of special police squads ceased to fly, as did the paving stones of protesters who sought to defend themselves.

I was eager to freeze in time the memory of this moment – an instant when a previously trivial topographic distance reference marker turned for a time into an eloquent symbol  – namely into the starting point of future history. And now on pages of this book you can see singular Life-created atlas in ‘Stalker’ (by Andrei Tarkovsky) film’s imagery style.

(The photos were taken 2014.)