Middle and Eastern Europe Best Photobook of 2017–2018 Award (under European Month of Photography) shortlisted

(Bomb shelter pointers in Ukraine:
documentary art-project)

Dimensions: 8×8 inches (20.5×20.5 cm)
Pages: 168.
Number of photos: 163, colour.
Paper: coated matte.
Cover: hardcover (colour, laminated).
Language: English, Ukrainian.
ISBN 978-966-281-101-8
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Size: 36 MB.
Language: English.
ISBN 978-966-281-105-6
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When seven decades after the World War II, Ukraine was forced to recall the bomb shelters, alarming red signs with the word «УКРИТТЯ» («UKRITTYA» – shelter) painfully stabbed walls of remained unoccupied cities.

The further events didn’t solve the problem, but only suspended the situation. The arrows stay on the walls as bullets in a human body, to which the hands of physicians have not yet reach.

And as how with bodies living tissue will cover up bullets, the bullet like shape pointers become overgrown urban artefacts, while remaining constant Memento Mori.

(The photos were taken 2014–2017.)

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From Ukraine.

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