Vysotsky: Times, Heritage, Fate



The Russian culture, over its many years of global prominence, has contributed a number of outstanding personalities, who not only created their own artistic styles but also managed to make their lives what they wanted them to be. Their life stories are truly no less interesting, dramatic and significant than their artistic legacies, making their words spoken in passing become commensurable with those born in the poetic fire.

Joseph Brodsky, Anna Akhmatova, Phaina Ranevskaya, Vladimir Mayakovsky were the great ones. Vladimir Vysotsky was one of the greatest.

A multitude of biographical essays on Vysotsky have been published, of which over fifteen memoir books. However, the very life of this man was so much salient and rich that memories of him are never exhausted. Readers of our collections, when asked what they would prefer to read about him, rank «memoirs» the highest.

Memorials such as those appeared first in our «Vysotsky: Times, Heritage, Fate» publications make up this chapter of the web site. These are reminiscences of people who knew him intimately and those who only met him very briefly. They help us unveil some of the facts of his life that have been unknown so far or circumstantiate some dates and details, all even more precious as time passes by.


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