Vysotsky: Times, Heritage, Fate



Creative work of Vladimir Vysotsky (1938—1980), a magnificent Russian poet, singer, actor, is considered to be out of prohibition completely only after crash of the former Soviet Union. Vysotsky's personality has been always attracting public attention. But relaxation and then complete elimination of barriers to V.Vysotsky's heritage have had at least two negative results.

First of all, broadcast leaders regarded Vysotsky's works as nothing but an attraction, amazement for public. Subsequently audience was overwhelmed with general discussions which were just ambiguous, with hardly any relevant information.

The second negative effect is that publications were very poorly prepared, because editors were always in a hurry to get the works published as quickly as possible. Some very important aspects were omitted; for example, correlation between the oral and written verse form has almost never been seriously considered through it is of crucial importance for Vysotsky's poems. Criterias to get works ready to be published had not been worked out, authenticity wasn't definitively clarified, etc.

Task to correct the actual situation was first targeted by the newspaper "Vysotsky: Times, Heritage, Fate" and, then by the same series and its web-site.

Vysotsky's manuscripts (many of them are out of reach now) have been presented for observation for the first time. Also, number of works, pictures, memoirs, other documented materials (some of them from private collections) are published here for the first time. Readers can find reference materials and research works in issues of the "Vysotsky: Times, Heritage, Fate" series.

These publications attract both wide audience and scientists (articles have been often used for research and educational materials).

Unfortunately, now we do not have the opportunity to translate all the published materials from Russian. In cases when the editors do have translations of the works proposed, we will distribute translated texts as well as Russian originals.


Translated by A.Makarova, M.Shkolnikova

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